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Titel / Title Marvin 
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With their initial line-up from 2007, Brainbogs have already been quite successful in the music biz but this line-up didn´t last for too long. Now, six years later, the rock trio from the German Rhine-Main area makes a fresh start – with their debut album, from which they already lifted a single last year.

In general, one can say that the songs on the album are a nice musical mix, ranging from quiet songs over rocking but still slow pieces to songs that just blow you away. The songs sound pure, clearly not over-produced and each and every one has its own charm. The vocal style, however, is something that you have to get used to but it, nevertheless, helps to keep the vocals in the back of the mind. Often, they are pretty high, though, but only in shorter parts this is really to be seen as something negative – that is to say, when the vocals are not in the spotlight or when the voice sounds unstable. Also, another thread going through the album can be seen in the rather tinny sound of the drums, which again and again stands out and displeases my ears.

A few recommendations are „Driftin“, the single „Bulletproof“ as well as „Stones and Fire 2“. All three songs are fully-fledged rock songs that blow you off your feet - each and every song also doesn´t fail at showing its very own character. Thus, „Driftin´“ is a song that amazes with the interplay between the instruments and vocals, and those vocals really are on a high level. The only downside: maybe a little bit less use of the distortion pedal would´ve been better. „Bulletproof“ surely was the best choice for a single release since the song bursts with Rock´n´Roll feeling – you just cannot escape it and you don´t have to! „Stones and Fire 2“ is the total opposite of the first part of the song, which left me completely cold. Part two, in contrast, is immediate ear candy with great melody, edgy guitar sound and very special vocals – this song might be the strongest one of the album; at least in my memory it has successfully found its place.

The band managed to create a more than just solid album. It´s an album with character but also with quite a few weak points, e.g. the drum sound. The vocals didn´t always convince me either – that´s why there is a deduction of points. Nevertheless, I am sure that the band has a successful future ahead of them as they are just at the beginning with the new line-up.

Carina Ullmann

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