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Titel / Title Touch of Sin 2 
Label Afm Records (Soulfood) 
Total run time
49:32 min 
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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Over the last three decades, Sinner have surely made a name for themselves in the Metal scene. Thus, it comes as no surprise that the band behind mastermind Mat Sinner (bassist for Primal Fear) now re-recorded eleven old songs plus three new ones and put it on their latest release, “Touch of Sin 2”. The title is based on the 1985 Sinner album “Touch of Sin”.

The re-recorded songs once more shine with of Mat´s edgy and distinctive vocals, the great and straight-forward guitar riffs as well as the overall structure of the songs that immediately captivate the listener. The three new songs, „Don´t Believe A Word“, „Blood On The Sand“ and „Heat Of The City” all nicely fit into the overall sound of the album, soundwise as well as regarding the quality of the vocals and musical performance.

For me, „Don´t Believe A Word“ is one of the highlights of this album – it is a catchy tune that sticks to the mind thanks to its melody. Also, music and vocals nicely harmonize, the guitar solo fits perfectly to the overall sound and upgrades the song even more. You can also easily sing along, which is one of the hallmarks of Sinner songs. Not that strong sounds „Blood On The Sand“ - the song may have a really nice guitar sound within but it still remains pretty unremarkable. It is well-done but lacks highlights or even only one highlight, it lacks something that sticks to the mind – instead the song is monotonous and it drags on and on and on. Stronger and much more rocking is „Heat Of The City” – the song gets you going and makes you want to turn up the volume to the max – because only then the real feeling of the song comes to show!

Sinner didn´t re-invent the wheel with this album - but why would you want to do this, if you already have a perfectly working wheel in front of you that just needs a re-paint? And this is exactly what Mat Sinner and his boys did on this album – and it worked out really well with both re-recordings and brand new songs.

Carina Ullmann

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