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Titel / Title Lucifer 
Label Sony Music Schweiz 
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Luckily, the world didn´t come to its end in 2012 and so, almost a year later, Fox are back with their new record titled „Lucifer“. Is Mark Fox is just superstitious or is he maybe even the devil himself, that´s the question?!

The second album from the ex-Shakra frontman takes pretty much the same line as the previous record “2012”. Unfortunately, at the beginning of the record, there are not many new things to discover. I would have wished for something a bit more experimental and I guess if that doesn´t happen with the next album it might become very boring. But still, ones has to say that Fox, again, put some high-class Hard Rock songs on the album. There are songs that really rock but there are also a few schmaltzy ballads, which probably belong to Mark´s past as he just got married. “Lucifer” definitely holds a few real gems like, for example, “Do it Alright” and Gimme your Love”. With the latter, Mark did actually try something new, a duet, which came out really nicely. The record, thus, starts a bit weak but, luckily, in the middle of it, there´s more finesse and the songs are better able to captivate you!

To be honest, the second record from Fox didn´t knock my socks off like the first one, “2012”. It certainly is not a bad Rock album but, like I already said, the band slowly runs the risk of getting boring if they don´t find a new twist for their songs soon. But still, this album absolutely deserves 9 points.

Sandy Mahrer

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