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Titel / Title Over The Edge 
Label Recent Records 
Total run time
42 min. 
Vö/Release4. Oktober 2013 
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The wild boys are on the air - metal party in the balance between bone-hard, broadside massive riffs, rather un-evil growls with fun at the brutal and clearly sung melodies; a crossover of a metal headbanger with pop preferences, so wild and yet melodious. That sounds fresh with some varied twists.

The band is young, in the current line-up existenting since 2011, comes from Nuremberg and goes through the tough transition of all newcomers - and therefore this debut sounds promising. The vocals draw on unlimited resources, all are excellent and do their thing despite the short-term as well established old hands. Here, however, no new gait is invented, we are not talking about a new era of metal-evolution, but there are parts on the album that give hope for more - higher, wider, more exciting, more innovative.

Very nice the vibrant bass solo interludes which add an exciting structure to the songs. In between some light Nu Metal fragments and then guitar solos as from the ancients. However, after a while you get used on this recipe and the initial curve of surprise is not fed fresh. For this, the songs are generally composed too similar and some hooks seem to be relatives to those from other songs. As said, absolutely not boring and for the debut of a young band an exciting start, but there could be still more in the box.

Check out the cool video clip on their website - or just here on YouTube:
HYRAX: „Desire“

1. Desire
2. Spider Monkey
3. Over The Edge
4. Your Company
5. Tasting Pain
6. This Place
7. Soaking
8. Constant Swelling
9. Too Kind
10. Mocking
11. I Never Thought

Felix Piccu - Vocals & Guitars
Jochen Windisch – Guitars
Klaus Sprafke – Bass
Matthias Böhm – Drums

Andreas Torneberg

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