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Titel / Title Bananen sind auch nur Menschen 
Label MoFlow Rock  
Web www.moflow.eu
Total run time
48 min. 
Vö/Release13. September 2013 
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Two questions: What do the banana with rock music? And "Bananas are also only human" - is it a comedy? Well, the blonde girl on the beautifully designed comic cover shows us in a thought bubble her bananas thoughts, above her the kissing couple, under her the bitten banana – alright, got it, it´s all about rock`n´roll, baby. And second, no, no comedy, but - probably because of German lyrics the PR calls it German Rock.

Citing German Rock or Krautrock makes thinking about the 70s and this kind of psychedelic meets progressive rock, but here MoFlo from Hamburg presents the surprise: exciting guitar lines, fat bass, pleasant rock groove in the mid-tempo, all in the current style: indie-pop-singer-songwriter rock could this be named. Melodic, well-crafted music - if the voice would not exist. Oh, man, this thin school-pupil-voice even pushed forward from the mixer to the front makes freeze and ask: That can not be true?

Like the shrill little voice sings already in the first song: "I pester you until someone finally hears me ... because I will not give up, because I´m terribly pushy." Yeah, that sucks really pushy. It is much more pleasant in a quiet song like "Denn ich brauch dich", in which the voice relaxes and does not aim the falsetto. The recognition, however, is high. Live it might be better because of reverberation and volume, but the vocals sound on this disc poor.

Which is a shame, because otherwise this is a catchy rock alum with some beautiful guitar parts, interesting, personal lyrics and a composition varied between rock and pop ballad.

1.Bis mich jemand hört
2.Feuer in mir
3.Denn ich brauch dich
4.Alles und nichts
5.Drachen töten
8.Ohne Worte
10.Die Welt gehört uns beiden
11. Schizophren
12. Ein Rausschmeisslied

Andreas Torneberg

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