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Hidden Timbre

Titel / Title Triangulation 
Label Kalinkaland Records 
Total run time
50 min. 
Vö/Release8 November 2013 
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The first song makes ears as big and red as at the giant bat: Hammer vibes, rough, harsh, straight, solid, exciting composition with varying moods and tempos change; the sound punchy and clear.

The songs dig their furrows through the fields of progressive Metal: varied arrangements which canīt hide their dedication of almost orchestral pompous structures, in addition - with a new singer - excellent vocals from recitation over cleanly sung lines to angry shouts, playfully on the mixer edited; awaken memories of Orphaned Land. The band from Thuringia has noticeable many years of experience, without having lost the bite.

Furthermore there is the courage to play long pieces: the seven songs take 50 minutes. Especially the last brings it to almost 10 minutes and is a fascinating instrumental which would belong comparatively rather more to the genre of progressive rock and bathes in nostalgic psychedelic sequences.

In the six songs before there is more of a harsh climate. Each of these songs seem to carry the material of a whole album inside. Each one for itself shines through variants. However, to put a listener after one time hearing in one of these songs, it would be difficult to him to say clearly, in which he has landed - the six songs walk on similar patterns. So, exploration is necessary, careful listening, discovering details on a journey through a maelstrom of metal fantasies.

Ronny Uhlemann (vocal)
Andreas Kaiser (guitar)
Clemens Prescher (guitar)
Danny Schmidt (drums)
Mirko Schmidt (bass)

Andreas Torneberg

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