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Buzz Dees

Titel / Title Icke 
Label Sholly Records 
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A sharp Berlin tongue, that’s what Buzz Dees have to offer. That this band doesn’t take itself too seriously immediately becomes clear when you look at its bandleader, former Knorkator guitarist, Sebastian Baur. He surrounded himself with an illustrious bunch of musicians: former In Extremo drummer Morgenstern and Bell, Book and Candle guitarist Jagschn as well as producer and bassist Knäcke. Together they do quite a lot of Comedy Rock. I honestly have to say that I didn’t like Knorkator or, in general, I don’t find any Comedy Rock band funny. Although, the guys of Buzz Dees came up with some good lyrics and also music-wise, all songs sound different and the guys are obviously keen to experiment but one has to be a fan of these Rock comedy acts to really like this record.

Bottom line: The record is well done but the lyrics are not my cup of tea. Apart from that, the sound is alright but there is also quite a lot of garbage. Just take a listen to the guys and their new record “Icke” if you like them and their Berlin tongue!

Sandy Mahrer

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