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Titel / Title Welcome to Waterford 
Label FinestNoise/Radar 
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Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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The promotional material about the city Waterford sounds pretty good. It tries to get across the message that one shouldn’t put obstacles into one’s own way, try to be happy about the small things in life and enjoy the beauty of the moment. Whether the band name Waterford is inspired by the Irish town I cannot tell but one can imagine that life is a bit easier at such a legendary place, which, with its attention to detail and the beautiful countryside, invites its visitors to linger and daydream. Just as the city, Waterford, the band, surprisingly hailing from Germany, invite you to pause for a moment and listen to them, and they, too, want to deliver a message with their lyrics. Those who now think that the band only does soft and slow music is not right at all, there are also faster songs. Timm Suttarp, in charge of vocals and guitars, might not be the best singer but, all in all, music and vocals fit together very well and the songs are nevertheless good. Waterford, the band, surely is not to everyone’s liking but Waterford, the city, should definitely be worth a visit.

Sandy Mahrer

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