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Titel / Title The Paradigm Shift 
Label Capitol | Universal 
Total run time
Vö/Release04 Oct 2013 
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Korn is back! Reunited with their old guitarist and co-founder, Brian Welch, they found their way back to their old path. The name of the album "The Paradigm Shift" is somewhat misleading here, as the previous album "Path of Totality" was a real imposition, in which the band lion-hearted paired Dubstep with nu-metal and created this way something really new, but some you need to get used to. Now Korn are complete again and "The Paradigm Shift" has a lot of similarities to the strong album "Issues", which was, in my opinion, the best album of their career so far. Okay, one horrible track is on the album. The soft-washed, pathetic and with Dubstep-elements added song "Never Never" would have fit smoother on "Path of Totality" - or even better: it would have been nice, if this one would have been published ever. In "Spike In My Veins" there is also a bit of Dubsteb-elements, but on this track they don´t disturb and fit in actually quite well. The remaining songs on the new album are danceable, perfectly mixed nu-metal, with the distinctive old-style, which Korn had lost with the departure of Welch. Whoever liked "Issues" won´t do anything wrong by purchasing “The Paradigm Shift”.

Samira Alinto

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