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Titel / Title In Hell 
Label Day One Records 
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Godslave are a part of the German Metal scene since 2008. They already released 4 EPs and one full length album. “In Hell” is now their 2nd studio album and it sounds pretty good from the first second on. Especially, the guitarists are playing one shredding riff after another. Also drums and bass are doing their parts for an awesome thrash sound. Speaking of sound, For an underground band, it is very good – always clear and powerful but not to clean. For me, a little bit difficult are the vocals. Most of the time, vocalist Thommy is – as is right and proper for a Thrash band – in shouting mode. Nothing to complain about that - even though there are better shouters around - but when he tries to bring in different vocal styles, it all becomes a bit nasty. Especially his higher screams are very thin and also a bit off-key. The opener “Here comes to the Crew” is a good example of that.

As already mentioned, the songs sound pretty good, especially because they offer some variations, making the album not too monotonous. For a band that is home in the heavier Metal realms, that´s already quite an achievement. In particular, when some lead guitars are added to the rhythm guitars, it really sounds like music! Please give us more of that in the future! But the band´s biggest weakness is that melodies, lyrics and choruses are not catchy enough. Even after numerous spins, I do not remember a single phrase of the album. So, “In Hell” is really great for headbanging, but it will not stay in my player for a very long time.

Timo Päßler

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