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Titel / Title State of Mind 
Label Warner Music Finland 
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After the previous album, „Watch Out“, the bars are set very high for „State of Mind“, to get anywhere near this masterpiece. The risk to repeat oneself, two years later, is quite big. Thus, my expectations are high because the last record earned Stalker´s best note.

“Fighter” and “Action” don´t impress me so much that I would say Lovex are as good as they were on “Watch out” - the lyrics are good but that certain something is missing. With “Action”, they guys even tried to incorporate some rap parts. The idea is pretty good and they did it quite well but somehow the spark doesn´t strike. What comes up next, however, simply blows me away. The first single, “Don Juan”, is instant ear candy and the very emotional “Yours to Keep” is pure heartache. “Bad” is again a bit too similar to some of the band´s other songs – surely, every band has their own style but the songs shouldn´t all sound alike. The next songs meander from harder Pop/Rock to soft ballads. Songs like “Walking Away” have “boy band” written all over them.

All in all, one can´t say anything bad about the record. The guys tried, one more time, to add new elements to their sound and with every new record, they immensely grow as musicians. Maybe “State of Mind” isn´t as brilliant as “Watch out” but I think that songs like “Don Juan”, ”Yours to Keep” and also “When the Lights go Down” have great hit potential. Although it´s not quite a 10/10, the record is still not to be missed. Those guys are talented and they know how to put themselves and their music in the limelight.

Sandy Mahrer

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