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Jimmy Martin

Titel / Title Wild At Heart 
Label Fastball Music 
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When Jimmy Martin, at the tender age of 19, left his home country, Luxembourg, to become a musician in Los Angeles, he had only one thing in mind: “Music makes the world go round”. How very true, but music can give a lot more; without it, the world would be a damn boring place. In the meantime, a few years have passed and Jimmy’s dream became reality. He’s not only a great Rock singer but also a songwriter and producer and achieved many things that others only dream about like working with numerous famous artists. Now, he is back with his new record, “Wild at Heart”. So, album on play, headphones on and I’m ready to go.

Already the opener, “Live your Dream”, is a hit: great guitar riffs, a cool sound and matching vocals. And that’s how it goes on with “Break Free”, which starts off soft and reflective and then becomes faster but this slower, beautiful passage always returns. With “Love Don’t Live Here Anymore”, Martin puts on full power again; especially the guitar solos in this song are just fabulous. With “I wish you here tonight”, we get a very emotional duet with a female rock voice that is very unique and can only belong to one lady, Robin Beck. The bass lines give the song, “Born to Run”, a special touch. Then follows a well-known song from the 80’s, written by Rick Springfield (“Love Somebody”), which was used as a soundtrack for the movie “Hard to Hold, in which Rick plays a musician. It’s a great cover song and what makes it even greater is that Rick Springfield himself has a part in it. “Different”, a fast, and “Love is the Answer”, an a bit slower piece, are, without a doubt, just as good as the songs just mentioned. “When your Smile fades away” is a beautiful ballad with nice guitar solos. Also “Life without Love” is a great piece. At the end of the record, the listener awaits another cover song: “My Sharona”, a worldwide success from The Knack. As a bonus, there’s the video to “Love Don’t Live Here Anymore”.

I can only say one thing about this record: Here, we have professional musicians, a great singer and similarly great guest singers; choruses with earworm potential and Rock music that brings joy to everyone.

Sandy Mahrer

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