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Titel / Title Globalized 
Label Echozone 
Total run time
63 min. 
Vö/ReleaseNovember 2013 
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The introduction: instrumental, pathetic, a kind of electronic orchestral soundtrack - later [de:ad:cibel] develops a fusion of techno, EBM, Industrial and Electro-Pop; in the second track vaguely reminiscent of the Swiss duo Yello. Only the voice sounds less natural bass, rather more like a burping Mongolian throat intonation. In "Vanitas" is to dicover a spoonful of old Kraftwerk, perhaps also because the German language is used, which fits well with the old-school sound.

Programmed software creations with dark, powerful dance-character; spiced by menace. Party in the post-apocalyptic factory building with dancing bodies twitching in laser illumination. Cold, dark, energetic. This might be in the long run a bit monotonous, especially the vocals doesn´t vary in their strained, barely feigned bass. Only in songs like "Rain of Gold", the voice is better integrated through an almost melodic whisper. "Plastique Beat" sounds very x-arbitrary as one of many techno remixes in an endless loop for the dancefloor. Exciting and an atmospheric highlight of the album is "Disconnected Child" with integrated acoustic and electric guitar parts.

The bottom line is a worth listening for Electro-friends of the moderate type to enrich their club sound. The album is less exciting on some routes. The “German Bass Machine” plays off their ideas especially in the chilly trendy modern ambience with a sense of atmosphere.

01. Transnational Network
02. Vanitas
03. Stimulation
04. Globalized
05. Solar Plexus
06. Rain Of Gold
07. Interculturality
08. Beat Plastique
09. Disconnected Child
10. Self-fulfilling Prophecy
11. Russian Qi
12. My Whole Life Is An Error Message
13. Fuzzy Pictures

Andreas Torneberg

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