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Titel / Title Kraftgewinn 
Label Out Of Line 
Total run time
37 min. 
Vö/Release25 Oktober 2013 
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A voice that sounds like it has done a donkey work in reducing alcohol-world resources offers a kind of hardcore-chanson, embedded electronically and spiced by electric guitar. The musically ambitious - and by bassoon and muscle training builded - Berlin bouncer Rummelsnuff controls his boat brave over an underground, which drifts sometimes into the alleged shallows and then alternately surprises with shoals.

An entertaining quirky journey of discovery for the one, for the other perhaps only the most bizarre grotesqueness of the world - in any case very personally and somewhere between avant-garde and corner bar. Or as the captain says himself: electro-punk street songs. German lyrics fresh off of the liver, just as the muzzle rocks. Music with the rusty charm of spontaneity, not only electronic; guitars are also inside the show, or in track 6 "Salutare" moans even a bassoon, other blowers and accordion are mixed in.

This album presents a lot of fun. Just buy it, listen, chillout far away of rap style or heavy social criticism. But beyond circling around the protagonist, there is also to mention the playful light, perfectly matched music sidelined: seaman Christian Asbach as additional vocalist, guitarist Rajko Gohlke, senior physician Bela B. from German band Die Ärzte, cannibal King Khan, the Thuringian grill-professional Häusi Eisenkumpel and certainly many others.

Russian is also sung by the way, but this you really must now find out by yourself.

1. Gerüstbauer
2. Bratwurstzange
3. Armdrücker
4. Yokozuna
5. Der Käpt'n nimmt dich mit
6. Salutare
7. Minderleister
8. Hundmann
9. Schiffbruch
10. Poi Soldat
11. Rummelkäpt'n 2013

Andreas Torneberg

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