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The Ragged Saints

Titel / Title The Sound of Breaking Free 
Label PowerProg 
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I am so happy that those guys had too much spare time and decided to form a band. The Ragged Saints are, well, not really a newcomer band because all band members are seasoned musicians, both on the national and international stage. But with “The Sound of Breaking Free”, their first record sees the light of day. Already the line-up promises big things: On the microphone, we have Markku Kuikka; Tomi Julkunen and Toni Bite shred the guitars, Miikki Kunttu maltreats the drums and Jukka Hoffrén takes care of the bass lines. And, my dears, I can tell you one thing: This is the band the world has waited for!

The Ragged Saints have that certain something that most bands are missing. They are able to bring everything in their music into harmony: each instrument complements the others, the vocals match with the melody, everything simply fits and the songs are just awesome. With “The Sound of Breaking Free”, it is very hard to name only one favourite. The entire album is a single piece of art that can´t be picked to pieces and it keeps that overall impression even after the 15th run. For Classic Hard Rock, the Saints are saviors – they bring a fresh breeze to this genre, something that was needed for a very long time. Here we have a band that can write songs that don´t sound all the same; with a singer, who seems to be able to sing in every possible way. I know Markku Kuikka for some years and I followed his other bands. I know how he sings and what he is able to do with his voice. That´s why, besides Jorn Lande, he´s one of the best singers for me. And also with this new band, he gives me goose bumps non-stop. Obviously, this album was done by masters of the trade and, for fans of Hard Rock, there is no way around this band. I hope to hear more of them soon. Sebastian Bach, Joe Lynn Turner and Co. can pack up and go home, now it´s time for The Ragged Saints!!!

Sandy Mahrer

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