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Titel / Title grüßAugust 
Label Omn Label Services / Renitente Records (rough trade) 
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Who remembers "The Inchtabokatables"? For those who do – their drummer and singer formed a new band called grüßAugust. Now, in autumn, their first album hits the stores – and it is a very special one - because it was recorded live. The only editing techniques they used were the “on” and “off” buttons on the recording devices.

Let´s continue with my personal favourites, which are „Feels like being an angel“, „Laufen“ and „Prophecy“. „Feels like being an angel“ starts with a very long instrumental beginning, later drums and violin join in. The melody gives the song a melancholic and thoughtful feel, the vocals are strong and full of emotion; altogether the band creates a real goose bumps atmosphere here. With „Laufen“, the album includes a song that is very unconventional but exactly this makes it so charming. Strong main vocals, powerful and variable, and some background singing that contrasts the main vocals – a song that sticks to the mind! My personal highlight of the album is, nevertheless, „Prophecy“ – a song, that builds up a very special mood causing goose bumps for many reasons: A dark atmosphere, presented in a very genuine way, and a strong vocal performance. An incredibly well-done sound and, for me, one of the strongest songs on the album! But also songs such as „Blue“ are everything but lame: it´s a long instrumental intro that isn´t just atmospheric but also showcases a very pure sound. The only downside is that it is very hard to really understand the lyrics. „Heija“ is, however, no real highlight because the song seems to go on forever but, at least, the vocals in two voices create an interesting sound. All in all, the album shines with an interesting mix of musical elements, a really versatile vocal performance – from soft to edgy – as well as a coherent overall picture.

The band managed to record a really good album that stands out. It´s an album, that is very unique and exceptional but has a lot to offer when it comes to music and vocals. For those, who liked The Inchtabokatables, this album is a must-buy – but it´s just as suitable for everyone else open to fascinating and variable music.

Carina Ullmann

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