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Titel / Title The Fire Within 
Label echozone 
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Vaselyne is a project made up of Sea of Souls singer, Yvette Winkler, and Born For Bliss mastermind; Frank Weyzig. With Vaselyne, the two Dutch try a little experiment. The listener can look forward to a lot of atmospheric songs. All is pretty simply made and the vocals are pretty much the same in every song. However, Yvette has a voice you don´t hear very often these days, it´s very deep and makes for a very pleasant listening experience. But what good is a pretty voice if it´s not used to its full potential? Yvette always sings in the same pitch and in the same way and thus, it gets quite boring after a while. Musicwise, though, there are many things going on, just waiting to be discovered: acoustic guitars, synth sounds but also other, more unusual instruments like a flute (maybe an Irish whistle?), for example, are very well interlaced to give the songs a nice melody texture. All in all, The Fire Within is a pretty simple kept record well-suited for those quiet moments in our lives or for those who like to daydream a bit from time to time. But there´s the danger that the listener gets too easily bored after a few songs because everything just sounds sooooo similar. Actually, one could have merged all tracks into just one long song as you don´t really hear any real differences between the songs, most of the time, anyway. The Depeche Mode cover, “World in My Eyes”, is the only exception.

Sandy Mahrer

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