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Hellride (Ger)

Titel / Title Acousticalized 
Label Fastball Music 
Total run time
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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This record comes just in the right place and at the right time because, right now, acoustic gigs are the latest craze. Even though, this trend hasn´t made it to Switzerland yet I really hope that it will happen soon as this is the ultimate proof that a band really is able to play its instruments and that the singer is able to sing. Hellride decided to jump on the acoustic bandwagon - they do Metal with two acoustic guitars. And they don´t really need anything else to make it sound like Metal. Besides six original compositions, their record, “Acousticalized”, also includes seven cover versions, which are, for my taste, a bit too many. But nevertheless, they do them quite well -although, I´ve heard better versions of Dio´s Heaven and Hell. The song is definitely not the record´s downfall, on the contrary, it proves that these guys know how to rock. For Ace of Spades by Motörhead, they asked Tom Angelripper of Sodom to join forces with them and also Gerre of Tankard does his best with United Forces. All in all, the record is not bad and the guys implemented their song ideas in a great way; Tommy Klossek´s raspy voice adds the little extra flavour. But still, I´ve already heard those cover versions in so many different styles by various artists – in Finland, amongst others, acoustic gigs are at the moment really popular – that Hellride´s versions are, for me, only average. Not because they are badly played or badly sung but because the guys didn´t manage to make their own versions out of the songs. Nevertheless, hats off for the great idea – it´s really something new and different. Regarding their own compositions, there´s still much room for improvement but I´m sure that it´s something they will master. Six points because it sounds pretty copied and because there are so many covers on the album.

Sandy Mahrer

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