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Titel / Title Start the Machine 
Label Echozone 
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Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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“Start the Machine“ is the preview EP for the third record of the German band, Lowfield. “Time Machine“ will probably be released in spring 2014; with „Start the Machine“, the guys want to shorten the waiting time and let the anticipation grow. What I hear after putting the record on sounds rather interesting: an unconventional singer with a voice that is very memorable as it is rather high and very individual. The listener will find six songs on the EP, actually that´s already half a full-length album. But if they should really put all the songs from the EP also on the upcoming record I don´t quite see the point in releasing them now. So I just hope that they will only use one or two songs of the EP and add the others as bonus tracks or so. Besides the title track, “Start the Machine”, there´re also “Vertigo”, “Someday”; “Sunshine”, “Painted in Pink Snow” and “Don´t leave me now” on the EP. The songs are all very relaxed with a good beat and nice melodies; they harmonise greatly with each other but it´s still nothing I haven´t heard before. So, the songs didn´t really get me excited but you can still use them as background music to tap your foot to the music. Let´s see what the full-length record has to offer.

Sandy Mahrer

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