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Morgan Finlay

Titel / Title Fault Lines 
Label SixtyOneRec (iTunes only) 
Total run time
39 min 
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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Canadian born singer/songwriter, Morgan Finlay, released his fourth full length album, “Fault Lines”, in October. It was crowdfunded in close collaboration with the fans and released only on iTunes.

So much for the bare facts but what about the music? I instantly liked it; it drew me in with the very first song. Finlay’s voice is just a little bit rough – it sounds as if he has “lived a little” and that fits perfectly for the storyteller he is. And his stories are well worth listening to, no matter if he talks about things happening “lifetimes and memories ago” (Blow By Blow) or “managing my hurt” after a love has ended (Stand Here Alone). All the lyrics made me want to take a second look or a third. My personal favorites, however, are “The Fisherman’s Son” for its mysterious mood and “Lovers C T D H L” for its melancholia and haunting guitar melody.

The instrumentation of guitars, piano, drums and more is always interesting and goes well with the story the song tells. As a whole, the album flows nicely from one song to the next, sometimes with a Country-ish feel (Fault Lines), sometimes reminding me of Joan Baez (Take This With You) and sometimes just a stripped down guitar (Your Quiet Place). No song is like the other, yet the style remains recognizable throughout. Overall an album that makes me want to check out what else Morgan Finlay has published.

1. The Everyhing About Me
2. Blow By Blow
3. The Fisherman’s Son
4. Fault Lines
5. Take This With You
6. Stations
7. The Hard Way
8. Stand Here Alone
9. Lover C T D H L
10.How would I know
11.All Of Me Key
12.Your Quiet Place
13.When This Long Road Ends

Stefanie Oepen

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