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Dominik Plangger

Titel / Title Hoffnungsstur  
Label Sturm & Klang 
Total run time
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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When someone asks Dominik Plangger to describe his music then he answers: „I play the guitar and I sing lyrics to it“ – after listening to his third album “Hoffnungsstur”, I could not describe it any better. In addition, it needs to be said that he tells stories in true singer/songwriter tradition and he does it well.

The opener “Als ich ein Junge war” reminds me right away of German singer/songwriter, Reinhard Mey, and I get this association a few more times throughout the length of the album. What I really like though is the fact, that not every song reminds me of him. The songs cover such a broad range that I could drop a few more names here, Hannes Wader, for instance (“Es rührt sich irgendwas in mir”). However, it’s not like one could mix a cocktail of all singer/songwriters and get Dominik Plangger as a result. He may have had many influences but he managed to create his own sound, his own style that I cannot really put into words.

What I can say is that his music speaks to me, not only because he sings intelligent lyrics but because he manages to express emotions. I believe him when he sings about a feeling “deeper than the ocean” (“Liebeslied im alten Stil”) or when he describes how the law and the police are treating foreigners (“Mein Freund, der Afghane”). Plangger speaks his mind und while he’s doing it, his criticism is so well out that I often find myself either nodding or grinning broadly. The two songs in the dialect spoken in his home area in South Tyrol (“Wieda daham” and “Almliad”) fit the album well. Personally, I could have done without the cover songs but they are good as well.

I like the music too, no matter if it’s guitar, banjo, mandolin, snare drum or piano - and that does not even cover all of them - it always fits the songs and the emotions they express. Overall, it’s a good, beautiful album. Give me more of this!

1. Als ich ein Junge war
2. Der Lehrer
3. Es rührt sich irgendwas in mir
4. Lied der Ungeliebten
5. Liebeslied im alten Stil
6. Wieda daham
7. Mein Freund, der Afghane
8. Es ist an der Zeit
9. Unten bei den Dirnen
10.Der Hennegeier
12.Piazza Grande
13.If I needed you

Stefanie Oepen

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