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FX 3

Titel / Title Spacemusic 
Label Area DB 
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There´s only one thing you can say about progressive rock: either you love it or you hate it. In my case, it depends on the song but usually I take to my heels whenever I hear “progressive”. The guys Sandor, Bine, Dadel and Der Schneiderer experiment heavily on their debut record called “Spacemusic”. What is so “spacey” about it, I don´t know, to me, it feels more like set in a desert landscape and, after smoking a certain herb, seeing the mirage of a caravan of camels passing by. In their music, the guys unite guitars, bass and drums with a Didgeridoo, which is quite interesting, I´d say. It´s something new. The record is mainly instrumental; sometimes a few words are spoken. An exception is “Das Licht”, which has some real lyrics but they don´t really add anything to the song and could´ve been easily left out. “Spacemusic” leaves a lot of room, not to say ´space´, for the listener´s own thoughts and interpretation. Those who want to be a bit creative can also try to write lyrics for the songs themselves. Eight songs are on the record; as indicated, the music is a matter of taste. Those who like instrumental, progressive rock sounds, which are pretty well done, varied, versatile and exotic (remember the Didgeridoo), should have a listen to FX3.

Sandy Mahrer

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