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Titel / Title Imaginary Friend 
Label Sonic Revolution 
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Even though this band, like me, hails from Switzerland, this is the first time that I hear about Pilomotor. Actually, I wonder why that is, as these guys release, with “Imaginary Friend”, already their third album and the music on it should be on heavy rotation on all radio stations around here. Pilomotor´s music in somewhere in the cross-section of Indie and Pop-Rock, and it´s played on a very high level. Some might say, there are already enough bands like Pilomotor and they all sound the same but I think the Swiss definitely are among the best of this genre. On “Imaginary Friend” are 14 great songs, which received the finishing touches from Swedish producer, Andreas Ahlenius. The Swiss-Swedish collaboration yielded mainly quiet and thoughtful songs that are all very beautiful. The only slightly negative thing I must mention is that all songs sound a bit the same and there is almost no variety at all, neither music- nor vocal-wise. What more can I say about Pilomotor? Not much except that they are doing splendid music.

Sandy Mahrer

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