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Titel / Title Vengeance Falls 
Label Roadrunner 
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After Trivium started their band in 2000, it did not take a very long time until they had achieved a great reputation in the Metal scene. They, especially fronter Matt Heafy, were excellent musicians and wrote great songs. Back then, many magazines and colleagues thus, thought they might be the next Metallica. I became really curious myself and checked out their first albums but, what can I say, I did not share that opinion. Too much screaming, too much Metalcore for my taste.

Now, in 2013, I thought I could give them a new chance and was positively surprised from the first moment on. Everything sounds much more like Metal than before. First of all, the vocals have improved tremendously. The screams are reduced to a minimum, the majority is absolutely clean and melodic. Sometimes they remind a bit of Corey Taylor´s (Slipknot, Stone Sour) clean vocals or even of Metallica`s James Hetfield. But also the instrumental parts are more Metal than before. Especially, the guitar riffs are great. In addition, “Vengeance Falls” has a brilliant production, which is powerful but also absolutely clear so that every detail of both guitars and drums can be heard. When you listen to this album, it is easy to imagine how Metallica could sound like if they had systematically refined the style of their seminal “Master of Puppets” album.

So, is “Vengeance Falls” the perfect album? Actually, not quite because Trivium did not manage to make everything sound catchy. Taken the album as a whole, it becomes obvious that many songs sound similar, making the album a bit monotonous. But I should not omit to mention that there are also two really great, catchy songs on the album: the title track and the opener “Brave this Storm”.

Timo Päßler

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