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Lion Twin

Titel / Title Nashville 
Label Sonic Revolution 
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It´s rather peculiar that the press kit of a band mentions that they support Greenpeace and Amnesty International and raise money by playing benefit concerts. But why not?! Lion Twin are singer Li and guitarist Jan, who have been making music together since 2011. They describe their music as a mix of Metal and Pop and that fits pretty well. Besides hard drums and guitar riffs, there are always some poppy notes and also some experimental stuff. This first record of the Germans is titled “Nashville”, after the place they recorded it in, in collaboration with none other than Michael Wagener, who amongst others mixed Metallica´s “Master of Puppets” album. For newcomers like them that´s quite an accomplishment, they must have had a lot of luck, the right connections and heaps of money to spare. Hidden on the record are many musical surprises and a very special guest singer. U.D.O.´s Udo Dirkschneider sings a rather gentle duet with Li (“Day of Anger”). The compositions alright; they certainly are not the most elaborate songs I have heard in my life but they have a good overall structure. Vocalwise, I´m torn between: ´It sounds good but not really like Metal´ and ´Please, don´t try desperately to sound hard and deep´. All in all, the album sounds pretty good but I think that Li is capable of a lot more than she shows here. But it´s still a well-done debut.

Sandy Mahrer

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