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Naked Idol

Titel / Title Filthy Fairies 
Label Rascal Music Finland 
Total run time
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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„Filthy Fairies“ is the very first five-song EP from Naked Idol. Thatīs unusual, considering the fact that band is around since 2009 and already had a few successes in their home country, Finland. The opening track of the record even managed to score 13th place in the Finnish iTunes Rock Music charts and reached spot nine in other countriesī charts. Looking at the band members, you can easily figure out how they pulled off that stunt: Naked Idol is the band of ex-Lordi bassist Magnum. And no other than Mr. Lordi himself helped with the vocals on the title track, "Filthy Fairies". Another former member of Lordi, Kita (Sampsa Astala) played drums on "Shattered" and "Filthy Fairies".Itīs a great alliance, which is guaranteed to get a lot of attention. Iīm sure every Lordi fan will like this record because the music is, without a doubt, very similar but it rocks like hell. Those who know Lordi will sometimes wonder whether this really is another band or whether they are listening to Lordi now but, I can assure you, there are clear differences that set Naked Idol apart and underline their uniqueness. The guys found just the right mix of guitar, melody and vocals and, even though, there are only five songs on the EP, each song is different. Itīs just brilliant music that I would love to hear more of. I hope the guys donīt take too long to complete their full-length record. If you plan to purchase the EP, I recommend buying the Deluxe Edition. Not only will you expand your record collection but you will also get a Naked Idol condom and a guitar pick for your money. So, go to and order the Deluxe version of this great album. Then youīre ready for a live gig of Naked Idol near you!

Sandy Mahrer

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