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The Statesboro Revue

Titel / Title Ramble On Privilege Creek 
Label Blue Rose Records 
Total run time
49 min 
Vö/ReleaseApril 2013 
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The American Spirit... sounds like a cliché, but this album serves throughout a regional U.S. food full of melodic blues and rock - integrating violin and organ – just for the folk-saturated Country soul of the farmer, who relaxes on his porch enjoying the sunset in the prairie, for the trucker during his beer (after work), but in the fast songs sometimes for the village festival at the river of timelessness.

Catchy food for the Europeans, who want to cut themselves a slice of Texas and Southern air. And you can taste anything but bland, it´s about really nice singing, and instrumentally perfectly matched, sometimes calm, sometimes rocking, always very authentic, with power in the boiler of the steamer.

Andreas Torneberg

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