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Titel / Title Hidden Faces 
Label afmusic 
Total run time
47 min 
Vö/ReleaseJuni 2013 
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Nothing but Gothic Rock. Entertaining. Catchy. Dark. With the necessary icing of plaintive melancholy.

Concisely, the continuous swirling, psychedelic echoing guitar which soars selectively to retrospective solos; supported by appropriate, dry drumming and the English poetry of a slightly husky, sonorous and gloomy voice - the German trio converts convincing and committed to the sound tracks of the Ancients: The Chameleons, The Sisters of Mercy, The Fields of the Nephilim.

Nothing really new at work, a relaxing, undead 80s Wave soundtrack to the melancholy of autumn, which loses itself in the winter. Just put on your black dress and dance in the shadow... An interesting growth in this genre, laying a foundation for further, what else could come and maybe developes a more unique autonomy.

1. Hear Me
2. Salvation
3. (We Are Here)
4. Pandorum
5. She In The Rain
6. Falling
7. Last Night
8. Stormclouds
9. Iceflower
10. Hidden Faces
11. Seeker

Andreas Torneberg

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