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Titel / Title Doomsday Elite 
Label Dark Essence Records / Karisma Records 
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After 5 years of silence, the Norwegian Black Metallers are back with their third full length album. The band line up is joined by Uruz from Urghehal, who plays drums on this album, and also Psy Coma (The Kovenant), Haan (Svarttjern), Nachtgarm (Negator), Thrawn and V. Larsen give guest performances.
Those initial blast beats might be deceiving, as I find a rather low dosage of pure Oldschool Black Metal elements, like bombastic parts or this cold guitar sound, there are much more Thrash / Pagan structures to be found in the overall sound scape. das Gesamtbild. Hyperspeed (Inside A Haunted Chapel) is balanced with groove, and there´s always a nice melody popping up – which means that this is a quite diverse album. Sometimes you get reminded of the label mates Aeternus, e.g. Predators in Disguise, and the sound as such does not leave anything to wish for. Not much to be found for complaints, maybe just the fact that I miss some trademark to distinguish Sarkom from the pool of genre colleagues.

Klaudia Weber

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