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Chrome Division

Titel / Title Infernal Rock Eternal 
Label Nuclear Blast Records 
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It took them almost three years but Chrome Division are now back with a new album, bearing the meaningful title “Infernal Rock Eternal”. After numerous line-up changes, one can only hope that the band finally found itself as a group – but, on the other hand, those changes never had a negative impact on the band. One of their best decisions was to get singer Shady Blue (Athera from Susperia) on board, who with his awesome vocals, managed to add that certain something to the sound of the band. As long as Shagrath and Shady Blue stay with the band, nothing can go wrong. They are the best proof that also the hard Death Metalers of Susperia and Dimmu Borgir know how to play it soft sometimes.

On the new album, the journey on the trail of Rock´n´Roll starts with quiet guitar tunes - “Good Morning Riot” is an instrumental piece. The next track is the party hit, “Endless Nights”, which, mainly because of the great talkbox melodies, is a real moodlifter. While the following two tracks are a bit more average Rock songs, the next one, “Lady of Perpetual Sorrow” surprises with a beautiful acoustic guitar beginning, which then becomes more and more Progressive, showing a different side of the band – a mid-tempo “ballad”. Also with the next few songs the guys stick to their guns and let out all Rock´n´Roll they have in them. This excellent mixture of dirty vocals, ingenious guitar riffs, beautiful melodies and also softer acoustic guitar passages shouldn´t leave anybody cold. The album closes with, “Ol”, a drinking song sung in Norwegian – a true rocker´s finale.

“Infernal Rock Eternal” is a great new piece by the Norwegians, just what could be expected from them. There is only one thing to do: buy it and listen to it. And for the band: with this material an extended tour is mandatory!!!

Sandy Mahrer

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