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Torment of Souls

Titel / Title Zombie Barbecue 
Label Finest Noise Releases 
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With their new album, “Zombie Barbecue”, Torment of Souls probably jumped on the bandwagon of The Walking Dead. The US zombie TV show is, at the moment, very popular all around the globe, and so it would make some sense to do a music album about zombies, too. Or maybe the guys in the band are only fans of those brainless killing machines in general? As there is a song called “The Walking Dead” on the album I am pretty sure they got their inspiration from tv. Well, in any case, the artwork is great and on the inside of the CD case you can see the whole band (as a drawing) just as they imagine themselves as zombies. Marko Skorka of Demon Art Tattoo was responsible for the artwork.

Music-wise, I heard of Torment of Souls already but I´m not really a Death Metal fan. They enrich their sound with elements of Progressive Metal and switch between German and English lyrics. Here and there, I´m quite happy that I don´t understand every single word of the rather slurry growls. This is especially true for the song “Die Hure 3” (The Whore)! Unfortunately, those slurry growls are everywhere on the record, which I think is a bit of a pity; I´ve definitely heard better vocals. The guys reveal themselves to be very experimental musicians and sometimes they even succeed in getting something very special out of their music. All in all, however, I fail to hear that certain something in their music and, often, one part of a song doesn´t really fit to the rest of it.

If one could, at least, hear a difference between the German and English lyrics, the album would be alright but I still miss the finishing touches.

Sandy Mahrer

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