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“Berman” is Swedish composer Lars Bergman, who presents his debut album “Maximum Delirium Overdrive”. The first word that comes to my head when listening to it is “unwieldy”, in a sense that I cannot immediately classify this music. Overall it sounds like Electro Pop to me, but there are lots of other influences. In any case, one needs to listen closely in order to differentiate all the sounds that form complex pieces of music. Each song has its on special characteristics, but fits nicely into the overall soundscape. Drums and synthesizers are the dominating instruments, sometimes almost naked, but often complemented by other sounds or different effects. I find this fascinating, but it does not really grab me. The music is interesting, but dominates the song so much that the lyrics get lost in the mix. Those who want to go on a journey through a wide field of soundscapes and make new discoveries will find what they are searching for in this album. I´m sure there will be a few surprises along the way.

1. Conquistador
2. Black Christmas
3. Johnston Town
4. The Sea
5. In My Garden
6. The Gate
7. Once Upon A Time In Jerusalem
8. Overdrive
9. Maximum Delirium Overdrive
10.Empire Down
11.Symphony Dé La Q

Stefanie Oepen

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