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A Case Of Grenada

Titel / Title Hell Actually Is All Around 
Label Redfield Records/Cargo Records 
Total run time
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 

A Case Of Grenada are living proof that music with english lyrics from Germany can compete with its counterparts from England or the US with no problems. This band is awesome. The sound is so fresh, that you almost want to butter your bread with it. A Case Of Grenada sound like Thrice having a private party with The Mars Volta. The singer is singing his guts out, but is convincing at the same time, since the music played by the rest of the band is so melodic and intricate, without being over the top. .„Hell Actually Is All Around Us“ has the potential to compete with all the harder albums on the international scene, now it's up to their management to send the band into the world. An unbelieveably good album, thank you!

Andy Kuhn

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