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Titel / Title Reversal 
Label Biotech Records 
Total run time
Vö/ReleaseNovember 2013  
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Kilt have always been one of those bands that are difficult to categorize. The STALKER colleague described the debut album as “blend of metal-electro-tribal-ambient elements”, and I can just go along with that. “Reversal” takes you on a rollercoster ride of various forms of expression and style, an interplay of contrast and harmony. Those expressions range from whispers and fragile vocals to shouts and growls, or from atmospheric keyboards to in-your-face aggressive riffing. The sinister opening sequence is soon leading to such riffs, plus somehow disturbing vocals, before “Continue” offers a little bit more of melody. “Solution” gets the groove going despite a somewhat ghoulish atmosphere, and my notes to the partly epic-melodic “Key in Our Hands” could basically stand for the album as such: Slightly weird, Noise, but despite those extreme sounds somehow hypnotic. The band put a lot of effort into this album, every time you listen you'll discover something new. Recommendable to fans of extreme music, yet people who enjoy whistling/singing along a catchy tune might face some problems...
More details about the album and the songs is provided by singer Teemu hier .

1. Cassolette
3. The Witness
4. Continue
5. Solution
6. Key In Our Hands
7. Until We Expire
8. Dead In The End

Teemu Ruokonen: Vocals.
Mikko Herranen: Drums.
Esa Pajunen: Guitar.
Matias Aaltonen: Bass.
Olli Ketola: Guitar.
Wille Hartonen: Ambient.

Klaudia Weber

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