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False Prophet

Titel / Title The Second Death (Re-Release) 
Label Blood Harvest 
Total run time
76 min 
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Already at the end of the 1980s, False Prophet formed in the musical ´no man´s land´ Greensboro County, North Carolina, and, in the beginning of their career, were heavily influenced by the then omnipresent Thrash Metal wave, represented by Dark Angel, Exodus and Testament. Their style soon changed to a more Death/Malevolent Creation/Morbid Angel direction, when Death Metal became the hottest ticket in town. Particularly, the latter were clearly big role models for the Prophets. Besides the remastered versions of their 1991 full-length album, the latest Prophets re-release also contains the tracks of the 1989 demo “Sign of the Cross”. Especially, with the latter you can hear the band´s thrash roots in full splendour. Both eras of the band´s musical career are equally attractive. The listener is presented with the work of musicians who know their craft, even though, it partly sounds too heavily plagiarised from above mentioned bands. Just listen to the title track “Second Death”. Beginning at 2:10, you get a very Slayer-esque guitar run. Nevertheless, it sounds like the blueprint of many things that can be expected to come out of Scandinavia throughout the next few years.

If, back then, the North Carolina boys had invested into better promotion and, through it, gotten a little bit more attention from various record companies, I´m convinced they would have gotten much bigger in the scene.

Björn Schmiterlöw

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