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Titel / Title Fremdkörper 
Label Südpolrecords 
Total run time
45 min 
Vö/ReleaseJanuar 2014 
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Industrial rock with a dash of electronics. Hardness. German. New German Hardness - right away the drawer of category determination opens its mouth (what musicians hate and reviewer love). And yet - they do fit well together: the edgy, German poetry unsparing existence reprocessing, distinctive masculine sung by front man and bar owner Heli Reissenweber, and the brutally simple electric guitar chords and riffs.

Simple songs that transport the severe texts into the brain, which are divided in verse and pop-music oriented choruses with recognition value. Pathetic foamed. Massive rock, hard, sweaty, very German, thoughtful and reflective. If the issues were not so dark, even a slightly nostalgic reflection on old German verses from the romantics could arise. Heavy food from Nuremberg dark valleys.

Maerzfeld (4:08)
La Petite Mort (3:40)
Fremdkörper (4:15)
Muttertag (4:08)
Treibjagd (4:23)
Krieg (4:20)
Fleisch im Fleisch (3:20)
Heilige Krieger (3:53)
Tanz für mich (3:53)
Kopfschuss (3:47)
Letzter Sommer (5:00)

Andreas Torneberg

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