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Joseph Parsons

Titel / Title Empire Bridges 
Label Meer Music & Blue Rose Records  
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“Are we gonna change the world?” Joseph Parsons asks at the beginning of his new album “Empire Bridges” and during the course of the 11 songs he notes that this may not be an easy task. Parsons takes a look at the state of the world and society and sees many things that have a bad influence on our lives. Yet he does not despair in the face of it, but finds hope and courage, sometimes in little things. Even though the protagonists of his songs face days where they just want to hide (“Hide Away”) and remember times when they were not such monsters (“Minefields”), it is still possible to feel at home with a loved one (“Endless Sky”) or to build bridges to help getting through bad times (“The Bridge”). These lyrics make you think and touch your heart in the process.

The music is fresh and rocking, makes me want to sing along and drum along to the rhythm with my hands. Parsons recorded this album with his live band, consisting of Sven Hansen (drums), Freddi Lubitz (bass, vocals) and Ross Bellenoit (guitars, vocals). It is noticeable how much they enjoy playing together, everything fits. The sound is smooth, with never an instrument or even a single note out of place. The mood created by the music fits perfectly with the stories told. This is an album just how I like it, making me want to hear more.

1. Seek The Truth
2. Exhale
3. Living Like The King
4. True
5. Dig That Well
6. Hide Away
7. Shy (Revisited)
8. Minefields
9. Leave This Town
10.Endless Sky
11.The Bridge

Stefanie Oepen

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