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Manolo Panic

Titel / Title Helpless & Strange 
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Swiss band Manolo Panic presets their debut album “Helples & Strange” and comes across neither very helpless nor strange in doing so. They offer strong Indie Rock with catchy melodies to dance to and lyrics that invite the listener to pay attention. The music has all the right qualities to get stuck in one´s head and the lyrics all have a touch of melancholia.

Janick Zumhofen on guitars, Laura Frei on the bass and Michi Fiedler on drums create melodies that easily make you forget your everyday life and worries. Each song is different, yet very recognizable the album grooves from beginning to end. It´s easy to just go with the flow, let the music carry you, hum along and dance to it. It´s just as easy to listen to the stories being told here and let images form in one´s head. Vocalist Ramon Margharitis´ voice is pleasant, his singing merges with the music but does not get lost in it. Personally I would have wanted the singing to be a bit more emotional from time to time, because it is impossible to understand what the songs are about by just listening to the music. This may be exactly what the band wanted though. The true depth of the songs can only be discovered by those who listen to the lyrics.

Overall I like the album - a debut worth listening to.

A Melody To Soften The News
Drenched In Lust
Seasoned Noise
Social Butterfly
Merry Go Round
Helpless And Strange
Loveless Age
Tiny Robot
Down By The Water
The Place
Death Cat And Beauty
Worlds Apart

Stefanie Oepen

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