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Titel / Title Pay Your Dues 
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Four dudes from Orléans, France, have been playing R´n R since 2008, rocking the stages e.g. as European support of Electric Mary and Girlschool, at Hellfest Festival and Printemps de Bourges. “Pay Your Dues” is their debut album, which will appeal to Old-School-Rock fans, being that kind of dirty, grooving, gasoline-smelling Rock where you can still notice the Bluesy roots, spiced up with virtuoso guitar soli. Or let´s try to describe it as “Motörhead meets Black Sabbath meets AC/DC”, and this Wah-Wah guitar or the vocal harmonies make me think of Bon Jovi. Or of Megadeth / Metallica, not only because of some Thrash riffs...

The lyrics are not – as you might have expected – dealing with the good old wine-women-song topics but rather evolve around self-discovery, Teenage Angst and rebellion, with a dose of tongue-in-cheek. And a part of the song material is quite good: Sometimes, Ain´t Life Grand, I´m my own worst enemy or Stone Cold Motherfucker with its catchy chorus are grooving like hell and have hit potential. However, SAD Story might work nicely at concerts, listening to it on stereo it seems to drag on and on, lacking a peak moment as well as a big finale. And this statement could be made about a third of the album´s content that feels like “dragging”. Maybe because the vocal performance reminds me of Thrash Metal again, with its “one pitch” mode a la Hetfield/Mustaine. No idea if the album had to be compiled in a hurry so that some song structures or the vocals remained “unfinished” – as other songs show clearly the potential of this band. I´m actually sorry I cannot give a higher rating here.

GREG (Rhythm Guitar/Lead Vocals)
ROMAIN (Lead Guitar)
ALEX (Bass Guitar/Back Vocals)
MORGAN (Drums)

Klaudia Weber

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