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Titel / Title Hipérion Rise  
Label Non Nobis Productions 
Total run time
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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You don´t need to read the band info to realize right after the first few notes that this Portuguese band is totally into traditional metal. The debut album of this young band – which has gained a reputation as an excellent live act in their home country – gives kudos to Iron Maiden (in the Paul di Anno era), but there is also a portion of Power Metal, and Manowar seemed to have been an influence when it comes to writing lyrics. In other words – it´s totally Old School. The vocals remind you immediately of Blitz (Overkill), but unfortunately Paulo Brandão has not quite achieved total control of his voice yet – which becomes pretty obvious at the last track “Masters of the Night” - it seems he ran out of strength. Still, a remarkable debut and you should definitely keep an eye/ear on the future career of this act.

1. Wheels of Destiny
2. For the King
3. Justice of Faith
4. Hipérion Rise
5. This is Metal
6. Under your Command
7. Let me Rock
8. Masters of the Night

Klaudia Weber

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