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Titel / Title Antagonise 
Label Nuclear Blast 
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Now that the world is discussing the surveillance methods of some Western agencies, MaYaN´s second album comes at a perfect moment. Already on their debut album from 2011, the Dutchmen talked about some methods used under the umbrella of war against terror. On their new album, Antagonise, this all-star band, consisting of (former) band members of Epica, After Forever and Metalium, is going this way even further. In terms of music, it´s, however, totally different from the bands just mentioned. It´s no cheerful Power Metal but a beast of Modern, Death and Progressive Metal. The only common ground these two worlds have are the nicely written orchestra passages. Here, the blastbeats and fast shredding guitars are reigning supreme. One thing that works really great is the combination of rough grunts and screams with the melodic vocals of Henning Basse. Also the mentioned orchestra passages fit perfectly into the rough sound. But what does not really work is the low pressure in the sound. I think the guitars are to blame - they are quite dull, ridding the bass of all its power. Also a little bit more variety would have been great, especially because this album is over an hour long. The rather unusual “Insano” is a step into the right direction.

Timo Päßler

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