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Stereo Drama

Titel / Title The Game 
Label 7Music  
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After interviewing them in November last year and listening to their EP, “Social (Fake) World”, I was quite curious about Stereo Drama´s first full length album. The band from Karlsruhe; Germany, has set out to mix Rock with Alternative Dance music, creating a genre they named “Alternative Dance Rock”. Their goal was to create a lot of variety in their music and they have hit the bull´s eye with this CD. The album grooves, rocks and is clearly music to dance to. Each song is different and the music always sounds fresh. Soft guitar melodies alternate with much stronger riffs. The singing ranges from softer sounds and even background harmonies to lyrics that are almost shouted out. In between there is a wide variety of sounds, inviting the listener to pay attention.

The band with members of three different nationalities easily mixes different musical styles. Apart from English songs they have a few Spanish ones on the album as well. This is an easy task for singer Chris, who is originally from Ecuador. This band is passionate about their music and their passion becomes audible on every track. The melodies are catchy and invite the listeners to get up out of their seats. Allegedly, Stereo Drama are a great live band. Judging by “The Game” I am willing to believe it. If their live shows are like this album they have to be fun. An interesting debut that makes me want to hear more.

1. The Game
2. Honest Mistake
3. Corazón Roto
4. Judgement Without A Trial
5. V
6. Yo Te Lo Digo
7. Dirty
8. Social (Fake) World
9. The Waiting
10. Not Sure If I Should Tell You
11. Trauma
12. Next
13. No 1 Knows

Stefanie Oepen

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