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Titel / Title Rock is the Force 
Label Non Nobis Productions 
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Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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Xenotaph, a quite young band from Argentina (founded only in 2012) offers 80s style female fronted Heavy Metal in the vein of Blacklace, Hellion, Bitch, Black Knight... After a few demos and a self-release 12” single vinyl, Xenotaph attacks the metal community with their full length debut album.

The dramatic classical-Metal introduction sounds quite promising, and yes indeed, Daniela Benvenuti can sing and has a quite unique and appealing timbre – no siren alarm here... Musically, the band has clearly studied their Priest/Maiden classics well and forged those influences into their own material, yet it seems there is still room for improvement. Especially, when it comes to adjusting song structure and harmonies to the singer, so that the vocal performance does not sound forced (as it does occasionally). And although there are plenty of good musical ideas, the execution seems a bit “half-baked”, taken to paths that have been too well-trodden already by many bands before. Which is a pity as the major trademark of this band – their singer Daniela – is a big asset on the market already. Still, an impressive debut, a band you should check out.

PS: The vinyl version is available via French extreme metal label Cryptic Visions Arts

1. Countess Of Salem
2. Time To Leave
3. Rock Is The Force
4. Hot Blood
5. Curse Of The Black Witch
6. Aztec Serpent
7. Fight The Beast

Klaudia Weber

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