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Titel / Title Your Wandering Ghost 
Label Scarlet Records 
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Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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Hearing something new from a metal band from such a not-so-metal country as France is always a surprise worth having a closer look, but the new release from ETHERSENS titled ´Your wandering ghost´ has more to it than just its rarity.

As the band claims, the material of the new album is based on the personal emotions of the members and generally talks about a relationship gone wrong. And musically, you can totally believe such a background story. The heavy tense sound of the album is complemented by the touching vocals of vocalist Laurent Mora.

The tracks do not create any sense of monotony, though: songs in the best tradition of death/doom metal that are well over 5 minutes and create some Scandinavian noir feeling are followed by shorter and calmer songs, full of the melancholy and depression accompanied with unnerving guitar riffs. These interchanges create a pretty complete atmosphere, which drags you inside the slough of emotions, feelings and shattered dreams. It is hard to assess the album, its story line and integrity at the first listen because from time to time you realise that you ´fall out´ from reality and no longer keep track of what´s going on around you. So, to get a full impression of the album - get prepared to listen several times.

In conclusion - the album produces a really favourable impression although it maybe lacks a very own distinctive sound.

Varja Lintu, transl. K.Weber

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