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Titel / Title Epic 
Label Escape Music 
Total run time

Those who were teenagers in the late 80s, like me, will immediately hear something familiar in the music of Overland. This is the type of Hardrock that was considered mainstream back then. Iīm not saying this to put this album down, quite the contrary. The music of “Epic” is absolutely listenable, radio friendly and so catchy that one wants to sing along immediately.

Steve Overland, whose career started in the late 70s and who is famous for such bands as FM or Shadowman, presents with “Epic” his third solo album. The CD cover makes me expect classic Hardrock and thatīs exactly what is delivered: melodic songs with drums that lay a good foundation for the song, guitars that are recognizable but never dominate the other instruments, keyboards that always fit in and singing that is exactly right. It can be argued that all of this has been heard before but thatīs not what I expected here anyway. The album keeps all the promises it is making and offers twelve solid songs that form a perfect whole. A CD I can listen to from first track to last without getting bored or wanting to skip any songs. Thatīs how itīs supposed to be. I like it.


01. Radio Radio
02. If Looks Could kill
03. Stranded
04. Rags To Riches
05. Liberate My Heart
06. Down Comes The Night
07. If Your Heartīs Not In It
08. Rock Me
09. So This Is Love
10. Wild
11. The End Of The Road
12. Time For Letting Go

Stefanie Oepen

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