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Titel / Title Tulijoutsen 
Label Svart Records 
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Swan song? No way, this Finnish “supergroup” can even top their fantastic debut Uljas uusi maailma - Tulijoutsen (fire swan) sweeps you off your feet.

The opening kicks off big – a Metallica riff, but in slo-mo Doom mode, with an Adams family twist to it – and WAIT, is this indeed Mikko on vocals? Mr. Kotamäki (e.g. Swallow The Sun) has developed his clean vocal style even further, he sounds more like velvet than ever, but with some cynical dimension. It´s a bit like Viikate or Herra Ylppö (Maj Karma), and if you know those bands you know what I mean... But no worries, Mikko still knows how to growl, there´s plenty of it on this album, and even more. He seems to enjoy to play with his voice on some tracks (Verihaaksi, Raadot raunioilla) , from rasping sounds to whispers, then to screams, so that even slower, calmer parts gain a sinister dimension. And when those killer riffs of Me vaellamme yössä begin to sound, you cannot avoid the gooseflesh any more. Same with the tracks Arpeni or Tuonen tähtivyö. Musta offers a touch of Black Metal, Glastonbury lehto however surprises with some swing rhythm – a easy-going rock song in between all those slow doom thunders, and again a track where Mikko´s clean voice can shine.

Summing up – this CD is a must for all those who like Finnish metal, Type O Negative, Metallica´s black album, Doom as such or just good (metallish) music. Great, buy it.

Kotamäki (Swallow the Sun, ex- Barren Earth) – vocals, Laakso (Chaosweaver) – guitar & keys, Kouta (Chaosweaver, ex-Verjnuarmu) – guitar, Usva (The Nibiruan, ex-Elenium) – bass, Tiera (Cult of Endtime, ex-Discard) – drums

03_Me vaellamme yössä
06_Glastonburyn lehto
07_Tuonen tähtivyö
08_Raadot raunioilla

Klaudia Weber

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