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Titel / Title Hex 
Label Logic(il)logic 
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Although the first self-titled album of Hex is already a few months old - and the follow-up record should soon leave the pressing plant - but it´s not too late for a review because this band simply cannot be ignored. Hex from Sweden guarantee 100% quality sound and absolute listening pleasure. Their songs are inspired by movies, books, history and the news but mainly the lyrics have a proper portion of voodoo and horror inside. The band manages to unite music and vocals perfectly and singer, Jonas Hygren, has so much dirt in his voice – it´s Rocknroll heaven. Perfect harmony between instruments and vocals, great beats and just awesome songs, this is what you get with Hex and especially “Voodoo Girl” shows what I´m talking about. Here´s the video: ( This record should make, at least, all Rob Zombie or maybe even Lordi fans´ hearts beat faster. And actually everyone else´s too, as there´s something for everyone on the record as inspiration comes from metal, rock, industrial as well as blues and country. The guys already work on their second album and I´m pretty sure they haven´t shown us their full potential yet. Let´s see what will come out of the North next.

Sandy Mahrer

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