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Titel / Title Hallelujah! 
Label Plutonium Production  
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Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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Basically, I don´t need to write much here – because in this case it´s not the question whether the band or the CD is good but only if the CD manages to capture this passion, this raw energy of this Finnish act that I learned to appreciate live on stage.

And well, yes, this is the case. You can expect an intense experience when listening to those tracks that offer the spectrum between soft and dreamy melodies (like in the surprising entry or the track Seitsemänteen Polveen) and brutal Noise attacks (like Passiivisesta Väkivallasta – you can check the video here that occasionally reveal the roots of this band in the hardcore genre – simply fascinating/captivating, be it live or via plastic disc. The advantage of a CD – you can enjoy the band as often as you like and don´t need to wait for the next show. Moreover, the lyrics are opening up to decoding – well, I still need a dictionary, as it´s all in Finnish – and thirdly, the versatile vocal performance, or all those little details (e.g. the drum work) which might get smudged over in a live-situation, can be fully appreciated. Because it´s clear anyway that this CD will rotate more often than once in your player...

A must for fans, and also for all those who like good music!

PS: In Finland the guys will hit the stages soon again, on the Babel Tour 2014 with KYPCK, Bob Malmström, Khroma, The Physicists. Details on the band website...

Klaudia Weber

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