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Miracle Master

Titel / Title Tattooed Woman 
Label GoldenCore Records/ ZYX Music 
Total run time
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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After Marcus Jürgens decided to leave the band Pump, the remaining guys decided to not only look for a new singer but also change the band´s name and start from zero. And so Pump became Miracle Master, which should keep also former Pump fans happy. As their new singer they recruited Oliver Weers, who´s known through a Danish Casting Show but also from numerous releases with Norwegian and international musicians like Marco Mendoza or Tommy Aldridge. With Oliver Weers, they surely found a great singer and expectations rise even higher when hearing that he has studied with an opera singer for seven years. And Weers surely delivers but one also hears that he likes to copy his way of singing from a Norwegian colleague to whom he sometimes gets compared. Jorn Lande is this guy´s name and, sorry that I have to say it so bluntly, but Weers still lacks a big portion of Soul and this certain feeling to sound anything like his role model. But he nevertheless does his job really well and has a pleasant voice.

Music-wise, the band´s sound differs at least a bit from the old Pump stuff that I liked so much, they have become more modern but the songs are still very harmonious with no frills - just nice and easy hard rock. For guitarists, there are a few great riffs and solos to enjoy and also drummers should get their money´s worth. After a while, however, my initial enthusiasm dampens: the sound is a bit too cleaned up, the singing is always the same (emphasis and way of singing) and the songs are all good but don´t offer a lot of diversity. My favorite tracks are “Tattooed Women” and “We all touch Evil”. All in all, it´s a pretty good record but I miss some rough edges.

Sandy Mahrer

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