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Titel / Title Grief for an Idol 
Label Werewolf Productions (CZ), Cursed Records (AT), Paragon Records (USA)  
Total run time
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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This band from the Czech Republic ( Plzeň) had already impressed me with their show at Eine In Teich festival (you can find the report in the special section) – and also the new Panychida CD appeals to me a lot. “Grief for an Idol” is somewhat a debut, at least in the western hemisphere. In their home country the band has already released 2 demos, 2 dvds, 1 EP, and 2 albums, and I guess this one will quickly get them more new fans in the west. In case the term “Pagan Metal” triggers thoughts of Finntroll, Moonsorrow, Ensiferum or Metsatöll, you are correct; partly I had to think also of In Extremo (bagpipes), Jon Lord (keyboard-sound) or Cradle of Filth, and even their fellow countrymen Root (vocal diversity). There´s also a bit of Norway to be found because Minnestund does not only refer to Scandinavian Black Metal but also features V´ganor (of HELHEIM/TAAKE).

You´ll have an intense epic listening experience, where beautiful tunes, catchy choruses, brutal riffs and progressive-creepy atmosphere are nicely balanced. Those guys can indeed write great songs (“Perchta”), and they also add an artistic (cover artwork) and a lyrical concept (texts mostly in English, one song features old-slavonic language) to the mix. You got to check out this band!

Sinneral - kytara / guitar
Honza V. - kytara / guitar
Talič aka Paty - bass guitar
Vlčák - zpěvák / vocalist
Honza K. aka Butcher - bicí / drums

01 Dance of the Fiery Stars
02 Two Untouched Moments
03 Krasatina (Grief for the Idol)
04 Wayfarer´s Awakening
05 Don´t Tell Lies to Children
06 Doomsayer
07 O veliji Vezě
08 The Great Dance of Dionysus
09 Love Bombing
10 Minnestund
11 Perchta

Klaudia Weber

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